KMSB Tucson - No reception on NW area



We have cut the cable cord and happy thus far except we cannot receive KMSB’s signal in this area. I am always on the hunt how to receive FOX sports. Apparently it is a known problem by the station that reception from the Mt. Bigelow transmitter is not possible in the NW Tucson, Oro Valley and Marana areas. We receive all other local stations over the air just fine because they have repeaters for this area.
I called the station and they just shrugged their shoulders.
We have tried most of the internet carriers but none carry FOX. Most say that FOX is not available as well as FOX sports Go.
Any ideas to get our local FOX station or find a carrier that carrries FOX sports?


Have you considered DirecTV Now. It’s internet TV.


Thanks for the idea, we did try Direct Now, settled in with Sling TV tho. Also tried HULU. All three of the previous mentioned are good at what they do. Still looking for a way tho to land that last Local channel (KMSB) or get Fox sports. Also tried Fox Sports Go but still they
do not carry Fox Sports.


R, thanks. You got further info than I did regarding repeater. The areas you mentioned that do not receive ch.11 should be enough to warrant an upgrade by KMSB. BY the time enough people go OTA Formula 1 seasons will have come and gone. How to rally to get them to add a repeater?? The areas in question are GREAT consumers so advertiser are missing out too!